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Accommodation in Zakopane

Atmospheric accommodation in Zakopane


Get to know the city that offers a unique atmosphere and healthy mountain air to its guests and residents. Taste the delicious local oscypki and listen to stories told by native highlanders. Explore the trails, climb the peaks, and allow yourself to have a high-standard rest at the end of the day in Zakopane.

Our apartments are located close to the major attractions of this mountain town. You will have everything within your reach and won’t need to waste time on exhausting commutes. The advantage of accommodation in Zakopane is not only the convenient location of TWW’s apartments, but also their fittings, which are listed in each of the apartment descriptions on our website. Our Clients usually make use not only of the bedrooms, but also the bathrooms and kitchens. The kitchen equipment provided includes everything you need in a comfortable and modern apartment – they’re fully furnished, with a fridge and oven and other everyday electronic devices. Our qualified staff ensure that the residents’ requirements are met. When staying in one of our apartments in Zakopane, you don’t have to take along packed suitcases and backpacks – just your personal luggage. In our apartments in Zakopane you will find everything else that you need.

For every occasion


Holidays, trips with friends, business trips – in each of these situations, at the end of an intensive day we are tired and need a good rest. By choosing one of our comfortable apartments in the heart of the mountain town, you will be getting an interior in which you can experience true relaxation. Beds with comfortable mattresses, full fixtures and fittings in all the rooms and a cosy atmosphere are just part of what our accommodation in Zakopane has to offer. See for yourself during your stay on the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains.

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