TWW Apartments in Poland


Our company has been working for 14 years on the Polish tourist services market. Throughout all the years we’ve been with you, we’ve gained experience and confidence and leaned about our Customers’ exact expectations. With that in mind, we’ve been renting apartments in Kraków, Warsaw and Zakopane since 2002. And in that time we’ve established a strong position on the Polish market.


Our current range includes more than 80 apartments in Poland, located in Warsaw’s Ochota and Mokotów Districts, Kraków’s Old Town and the centre of Zakopane. The biggest advantage of our apartments is their location – our studio and one and two-bedroom apartments are situated either in the city centre, or with good links to it. Our apartments are clean and safe, and always meticulously prepared before your arrival. Most of them also have dedicated parking spaces. We offer airport transfers, staff assistance, discretion and comfort, and these qualities make our services stand out in Poland. We are highly regarded for these qualities by many of our regular Customers, both from Poland and abroad.


Professionalism and experience at an affordable price


TWW Apartments creates flexibility for its Guests. Our apartments can be rented for a day, week or month. We provide services for both individual and business Customers, as well as tourists from Poland and around the world. Our apartments are an interesting alternative to the expensive accommodation provided by hotels, where the price does not always go hand in hand with the standards offered. The costs of our apartments in Poland are tailored to the needs of our Guests, therefore our regular Customers can count on special offers directly from our loyalty programme. It’s worth joining the programme, even on your first visit!.

Thanks to our staff’s many years of experience, we create a pleasant and professional atmosphere in our interactions with you, and make your stay in our apartments in Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane a real and unique pleasure. Our staff ensure the good condition of all of our apartments and are at your service, even until late in the evening. All of this helps maintain the highest standards during your stay. We are happy to assist you and help you with various needs related to transport, organization of activities and trips, and so on.


Convenience and comfort


Just choose your apartment in Poland, and you won’t have to worry about anything else. You will find everything you need there: a spacious interior, all the necessary equipment, towels, personal hygiene products, and fresh linen, etc. Don’t worry if you forgot to pack something – your apartment has everything you need. In fact, what our Guests like the most are our spacious interiors and smartly furnished rooms. The highly convenient location of our apartments and their attractive size are also not without significance here. All this makes your stay even more comfortable and relaxing.


Place your trust in a solution that doesn’t limit you to a single room, and stay in an apartment that gives you maximum comfort. Take advantage of our online system and you can make a reservation, 24 hours a day. We have lots of different locations in Poland, all of which offer comfort and high standards. It’s no secret that it’s often difficult to find comfortable accommodation in Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane, especially booking through unknown sources. Instead, it’s more reasonable to go with high-class apartments, even more so when they’re as affordable as ours.

Learn about the apartments you’ll be staying in!


TWW Apartments have over 80 high-standard apartments in Poland, and anyone can find the right one for them. We operate on a large scale:


In Warsaw:

  • Apartments in the Ochota District
  • Apartments in the Mokotów District


In Kraków:

  • Apartments in the City Centre
  • The ‘Stary Browar’ Apartment
  • Apartments on Tomasza Street
  • Apartments on Lubicz Street


In Zakopane:

  • Apartments in the ‘Motylek’ Villa
  • The ‘Smrek’ Apartments


If you're a guest that values comfort and a high standard of accommodation, the Old Brewery F1 32a apartment in Cracow is what you're looking for - particularly if you're travelling with 3 companions, as the apartment has been designed...
price from ~€ 64.76
Centrum A2 to estetycznie urządzony, komfortowy i nowoczesny Apartament zlokalizowany w ścisłym centrum Krakowa, na ulicy Szlak 50. Apartament ma powierzchnię 50 i komfortowo spać mogą 4 dorosłe osoby. W przestronnej sypialni...
price from ~€ 58.50
If you're worried whether a hotel room will be up to your standards or not, you can always opt for a different accommodation - namely, renting an apartment in Cracow. Renting an apartment instead of a hotel room can come with many different...
price from ~€ 58.26
The Old Brewery F2 28A Apartment offers more, than you could expect from a hotel. Even without the high standard, an unprecedented level of convenience and stylish design, it still has a lot to offer, if not anything else, than the sole Old...
price from ~€ 64.76
Old Brewery 17A apartment is one of our Premium Old Brewery Apartments, located in the recently revitalised historic Old Brewery complex in the Cracow city centre. The apartment is meant for housing four adult people comfortably, and comes packed...
price from ~€ 55.13
If luxury as defined by hotels has grown old on you, maybe it's time to consider something different - namely, the Old Brewery Cracow Apartments by TWW. Compared to any other form of accommodation, the Old Brewery Apartments strike with their...
price from ~€ 55.13

Ask a question and check with us

How can I make a booking?
Bookings can be made in three ways: 1. On-line, using the form on our website. After clicking ‘Send', the system will automatically generate a summary page for you, based on your booking information. 2. By telephone, on +48 12 638...
Are the prices listed per-person or per-apartment?
The prices on our price list, or when calculated for the entire rental period, are the prices for the entire apartment. The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the apartment is specified in the apartment description.
I booked a 4-person apartment for my family of 5. Are we going to be charged an extra bed for our child?
Additional beds can be provided upon request (See Question 14).


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